Table Flippin'






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September 2018


iOS & Android


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Table Flippin' is a simple yet satisfying casual little arcade game about flipping ridiculous things off a table (without the mess).


Table Flippin' came about from wanting to flip a table in real life but not really wanting to clear up the mess afterwards. For the initial prototype the only item which could be flipped was a glass of water which begged the question: "If one could flip anything off a table, what would it be?". From there the ideas spiralled out of control and the final result is over 20 unique and whacky items.

Fortunately the game stays true to the original idea of not having to clear up any of the mess and still delivers the full satisfaction of Flippin' a Table full of stuff.


  • Plenty of items and hundreds of upgrades to buy and flip for ultimate satisfaction
  • Simple one touch controls
  • Hand crafted stylised art made with love
  • Hidden secrets to discover
  • Lots of Table Flippin'